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Request for Public Information

Public Information

Everyone has the right to request and have access to public information regardless of its physical form and stored conditions and receive copies unless the information contains state, professional, or commercial secrets or personal data.

Public information can be requested both in writing and electronically.

It is prohibited to charge any other fees for copying public information than those provided by the Law of Georgia “on Fees for Copying Public Information”, as follows:

a) Photocopy of A4 and A5 sheets - 1 page - GEL 0,05;

b) Printing on a laser printer - 1 page - GEL 0,10;

c) Writing data to a Compact Disc - 1 Disc - GEL 2,65;

d) Writing data to a floppy disc - 1 floppy disc - GEL 1,3;

e) Writing data to the videotape presented by an information requester - 1 hour - GEL 2,75;

f) Writing data to the audiotape presented by an information requester - 1 hour - GEL 0,50.

Public information is issued immediately or in the cases provided by the General Administrative Code of Georgia, not later than 10 days.

If a public institution refuses to issue public information, it shall be obliged, within three days from making the decision, to explain to the applicant in writing his/her rights and appeal procedure, as well as to specify the structural subdivision or the public institution with whom consultations were held when making a decision to refuse to issue the information.

Contact Information:

Address: 154 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi

Tel: (032) 2 440 770 (EXT 21-74)

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Request Standard

Form for requesting public information is available only in Georgian.

Electronic request standard