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Traders were fined for failing to comply with Competition and Consumer Agency requirements

The traders - LLC "Deme",Ind. Entrepreneur Andrey Kharbedia, and Ind. Entrepreneur Victoria Kvintradze was fined for failing to comply with the obligations imposed by the Georgian Competition and Consumer Agency.

The case concerns - the fact of violation of the Law of Georgia on the Protection of Consumer Rights. The Agency has ordered traders to comply with the relevant articles of the law and adjust their trade policy accordingly.

As a result of the monitoring implemented by the Agency, it was determined that the decision taken by the agency was not implemented. Accordingly, a fine of 2 031,45 GEL was imposed on "Deme" LLC, 600 GEL on Andrey Kharbedia, and 600 GEL on Viktoria Kvintradze.

It is essential to note that being fined does not exempt the trader from complying with the Agency's decision. The Agency initiates the penalty procedure only after verifying the violation, if a company fails to fulfill its obligations towards the protection of consumers' rights.

For information: When a trader fails to execute or improperly executes a decision of the Agency within the period determined by the Agency, the trader shall be penalized. The amount of penalty shall not exceed 2 % of the annual turnover of the trader for the preceding financial year. If, during a period of 12 months, a trader commits a violation repeatedly, he/she shall be subject to a penalty which is double the amount of the previously imposed penalty.

In January 2024, in the direction of the protection of consumer rights, the Agency has received 60 applications. In the mentioned period, according to the Agency’s decision, the 1 fact of violation of the rights of the consumer group was confirmed. Due to non-fulfilment of the obligation imposed by the Agency, 2 traders were fined 1,200 GEL. The Competition Agency signed 13 commitment agreements in 14 cases, in favor of the consumer.

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