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Representatives of the Georgian Competition and Consumer Agency met with the eCOMMERCE ASSOCIATION GEORGIA members

Sergo Sanikidze, Head of the GCCA’s Consumer Rights Protection Department and employees of the department met with members of the eCOMMERCE ASSOCIATION GEORGIA to promote the business sector and raise awareness.

The purpose of the meeting was to protect consumer rights, exchanging information on current e-commerce industry trends, discussing sector challenges, analyzing e-commerce business models, and sharing worldwide best practices.

"The existing reality proves that online shopping is much more convenient for consumers today, and accordingly, the share of e-commerce is growing. However, based on the analysis of consumer behavior, a number of challenges are identified and it is important to respond to them effectively. Accordingly, our goal is to raise the awareness of the participants of the business-consumer relationship and a detailed analysis of their rights and obligations stipulated by the legislation, which will ultimately increase the feeling of security among consumers and the degree of trust in the trader", said Sergo Sanikidze at the meeting.

The meeting was held in dialogue and question/answer format, and the companies "Delivo", "Aversi", "TNET", "", "", "Monremi", "", "Devspace", "Boxette", and "" participated.

Georgia's Law on Electronic Commerce has been fully implemented from 2024. The law's primary goal is to protect the rights of trading platform users in the process of electronic commerce, define the rights and duties of intermediate service providers (trading platforms), and etc.

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