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The Agency received 230 applications in the direction of consumer rights protection in the first quarter of 2024

In the direction of the protection of consumer rights, the Georgian Competition and Consumer Agency has received 230 applications,  from January 1, 2024 including the month of March.

In the mentioned period, according to the Agency’s decision, the 9 facts of violations of the rights of the consumer group were confirmed in 17 cases.

The Agency fined 13 traders 10,700 GEL for failing to comply with its requirements in 14 cases, two traders were fined 1000 GEL for failing to provide information.

The Agency signed 31 commitment agreements in favor of the consumer on 34 cases. This means the traders have made an obligation - to change its internal policy and to restore the rights of those consumers who allegedly suffered damages due to the trader’s policy in the past.

70% of the applications received by the consumer refer to online trading, and 30% to the case of purchasing the item on the spot. According to regions, Tbilisi continues to lead with 90%, followed by Imereti, Adjara and Kakheti region.

According to the received applications, the demand for a refund is 68, the repair or return of a defective item is 71, 46 for restoring the right to a defective service, 9 for the delivery of goods within the specified period, 12 for unconditional return of the item, and the rest is 24.

In the reporting period, according to the received applications, 72% is the wholesale and retail sector, transport and warehousing 12%, arts, entertainment and rest 2%; construction 2%, and 12% other activities. 

In case of confirmation of violation of consumers rights, a specific application form - should be completed and submitted to For more information, please call the agency's hotline at 598 05 4422.

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