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The Competition and Consumer Agency publishes an interim report on Blueberry Market Monitoring

The agency's monitoring includes an examination of the overall situation in Georgia's products and services markets from the perspective of competition. In the relevant market, these include an examination of the main determinants, existing barriers, and an assessment of the competitive environment.

The Agency started monitoring the blueberry market on June 30, 2023, to examine the problems farmers have in selling their products as well as the competitive situation in the market. According to the Agency's interim assessment, approximately 50 enterprises shipped blueberries from Georgia between 2020 and 2023. The Russian Federation accounts for more than 90% of total exports. In 2020-2022, the market's export level is low-concentrated, and in 2023, the index rises to the level of a moderately concentrated market.

The amount of blueberries exported from the country is increasing, in particular, in 2020, the total volume of exports was 654.9 tons, and in 2023, the rise was 500% - 3412.8 tons. Along with the quantitative indicator, the total value of exported blueberries has increased. In particular, 11.3 million GEL of blueberries were exported in 2020, 17.5 million GEL in 2021, 23.8 million GEL in 2022, and 53.9 million GEL in 2023 (a 475% increase).

During the study period, the total export market share of five major companies ranged from 43% to 65%. There is no fixed dominant undertaking in the market, and also, one of the necessary conditions for group dominance in the form of market shares does not exist.

The Agency continues to monitor the blueberry market, with the final report scheduled in 2024.

In 2023, the Agency completed two monitoring: banking insurance market monitoring, issued 6 recommendations, and liquid and gas market monitoring. There are ongoing four market research processes: tobacco, auto fuel, blueberry, and nut market monitoring.

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