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The Agency has launched an investigation into the baking soda production/sale sector

The National Competition Agency began an investigation into the alleged unfair competition (Article 113 of the Law of Georgia on Competition) by LLC "Suntrade" based on the complaint of JSC "Bashkireti Soda Company." The case concerns the alleged appropriation of trademarks and the appearance of an entity engaged in the production/sale of baking soda.

On November 13, 2023, a research group was established in the agency to study the issue in order to promote competition, timely response to facts of unfair competition, and elimination.

The Agency makes a decision within 6 months of the investigation's initiation. The case study could last up to 18 months, depending on the importance and complexity of the issue.

In 2023, the Agency completed 5 investigations, fines were repeatedly issued in 2 cases, and inadmissibility decisions were made in 6 cases. Currently, the Agency is conducting an investigation into five issues.

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