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The National Competition Agency has launched an investigation into two cases

The Georgian National Competition Agency has launched two investigations - one into the possible abuse of a dominant position by "Rustavi Auto Market" and the other into the possible unfair competition in the production/sale of baking soda.

The first investigation was started based on a complaint from car importers, where a possible abuse of dominant position by the defendant undertaking - "Rustavi Auto Market". The case concerns the defendant undertaking’s imposition of an unreasonably high price for the use of parking lots in the Rustavi auto.

The second case of investigation concerns the alleged misappropriation of trademarks and the appearance of an entity operating in the field of production/sale of baking soda.

In order to promote competition, and timely response to facts of unfair competition and elimination, research groups were created in the Agency, which was assigned to study the issues.

In 2023, the Agency completed 5 investigations into possible abuse of a dominant position, unfair competition, concerted practice, and possible restrictions of competition by state administrative bodies. In 1 case, the violation was not established, in 1 case, the study was ended at the request of the applicant, in 3 cases, the violation was established and appropriate recommendations were provided.

Six cases have been declared inadmissible throughout the same time period. At present, the Agency is conducting an investigation process in relation to 5 issues.


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