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Georgian National Competition Agency has Determined the Fact of Unfair Competition of the Companies Operating in the Field of Translation Service

On December 28, 2021, the Georgian National Competition Agency completed the investigation conducted based on the complaint of "Delta Development Group" Ltd. submitted on April 26, 2021, concerning an alleged violation of Article 11(3) of the Law of Georgia "on Competition" (Prohibition of the unfair actions of undertakings) by 5 companies operating in the field of translation service.

The investigation confirmed the violation of Article 11(3) of the Law of Georgia "on Competition" by 2 respondent undertakings: Tbilisi Business House Ltd (ID: 404482608) and Tbilisi Business House Ltd (ID: 204564293). The violation was followed by the illegal use of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification and the relevant IQNET logo in business and commercial relations, which, according to the Agency, is the presentation/advertising of the company by spreading false information.

Based on the decision of the Agency, the mentioned companies were imposed the relevant financial sanction and instructed to eliminate immediately the violation.

In addition, the third respondent company - "Universal Business Services" Ltd was instructed to ensure compliance with the law "On Competition". In particular to remove confusion and misleading information from the website.
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