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Law deficiencies are overcome - the main challenge in 2021 will be increasing confidence in consumers and undertakings

28.12.2020 Aurelio La Torre - Amendments to Law of Georgia on Competition brings legislation closer to international standards

21.12.2020 Irakli Lekvinadze - Amendments to the Legislation will Facilitate the Effective Enforcement of Competition in the Market

21.12.2020 European Business Association - Amendments to the Law on Competition are fully in line with European best practices and DCFTA requirements. This law will reduce unhealthy competition in business

20.12.2020 Chairman of the Bar Association: amendments to the Law on Competition will enable business companies to operate in a more secure and free competitive environment


Georgian National Competition Agency has declared the complaint of the “Intellect Market“LTD inadmissible

14.12.2020 World Competition Day is celebrated on the 5th of December


The Georgian National Competition Agency will Shift to Remote Work


Most of the amendments to the Law on Competition will come into force on November 4


Unfair Competition Has Revealed in the Dispute Between Two Insurance Companies